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  • WOW! There are no other words to describe what an awesome event this turned into!
    So What if it was otherwise a rather gray, dismal day!

    From the very beginning, this started in a very gray area. The many ‘shades’ of Gray!
    The Gray of loss and sadness, the gray of an idea. “Where did that come from?”
    Then there was the gray of not really knowing all that’s involved, where to start or how it’s done.
    That dense gray area of finding out. Don’t disregard the gray of the computer screens.
    And by now, the new Gray hairs of the Committee Guys! (Alex, Derek, Ian, Jim, Steve)
    Who worked across time zones, using their gray matter to pull off the reWarding 5k in fine style!
    So, who cares if it was a cold and gray day? Once again, Adam’s Army came out in Force!
    We had the ‘sunshine’ of so many of his friends and family, from near and far, honoring Adam as they came together
    for a reason that he would have worked hard to support.
    Kudos! to all involved! Coordinating Committee, Volunteers, Participants, Sponsors, Donors(Personal & Commercial), and to all those who donated prayer support!

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