The ReWarding 5K Planning Committee would like to extend an exuberant and appreciative THANK YOU to all of the generous donors and sponsors for our inaugural event.

Adam Ward was a firm believer in the idea that helping others altruistically enabled sustainable improvement for all.

By doing good and helping one grow, we unlock the potential for the individual to achieve greatness. That greatness built selflessly breeds more nobility in individuals in turn, building a stronger community.

Where we lend a hand the Adam Ward way, we offer both assistance accomplishing the goal and guidance in doing it effectively. We enable others to achieve their goals, unlocking the ability for all of us to get better in the process. 

Support in the form of donations from the individuals and organizations listed below are vital to the ReWarding5K and keep in Adam’s tradition of banding together as a community to achieve lasting greatness. 

The ReWarding5K planning committee would like to thank all those in the community that have pledged their support of our event, either through monetary donations or resources. Without you, the ReWarding5K would not be possible.

Lariat Tier ($500 or More)

Ruth and Donal Ward

Dr. Prashan Thiagarajah, MD

North Hills Lacrosse

Bach Business Partners

Heather Pessy

Silverado Tier ($101 — $500)

LMNT Drink Mix
Fairfield Inns and Suites
The Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh Window & Door Co.
Baierl Subaru Wexford
Rochester Inn Hardwood Grille
Sperling Funeral Home
Arrows LAX
Beef Jerky Outlet
Certa Pro Painters of Pittsburgh

Sam’s Club
Fitness 19 Pittsburgh (North Hills)

Benjamin and Megan Conklin

SH Russo Audiological Services
HB Retirement

Alex Puhl

Mary Ann Wentz

Dodson Family

In Memory of Mark Rombach

Kelly Distelrath

Edward Puhl 

Arleen Hobaugh

Alexander Mueser


Caroline Liptak

Uncle Chuck and Aunt Claire Scarborough

Stephen Kimmick

Nova Tier (Up To $100)

Janet Lotz

Sunny Jim’s Tavern

Carol and Ron Denisi

Zahra Winston

Lisa Hogue

Jeffrey Koskoski

Scott Nickell

Sarah Arend

Kevin Magee

Carol Paulone

Christy Harris

Nicole De Luca

Josh Cesario

Danielle Johnson

Molly McGraw

Bryan Wilson

Brandon Fleischman

Tabitha Wilson

Tricia Staley

Brian Pellegrino

Lea McClenahan

Deborah Samay

Annette Mirt

Jessica Thomas

Evan Miller

Chris Scelfo

Trisha Seto

Andrew Maun

Kurt Kegerreis

Anthony LePore

Gabrielle Holleran

Robert Potter

Frank Raffaele

Rocco Dangelo

Joey Schanck

Steven Dutkowski

Rebecca Weiss

Tom Good

Sean Buzzard