Celebrating Adam Ward’s Birthday in Writing

Today would have been Adam Ward’s 40th birthday.  Adam accomplished a lot in his life. He was many things to many people, but not many people know about his passion for writing. 

Adam wrote constantly.   Journaling regularly, he documented his feelings about life and the world around him. In his spare time he authored various works of fiction and while none were published, he strived constantly to improve as a writer. Adam even finished the first draft of a novel, which may one day be published.

Today, we’d like to share some of his writing with you to keep his love of writing alive. In honor of Adam’s 40th birthday here is a passage from one of his notebooks.  It documents his feelings about friendship and conveys his thoughts and emotions about what it means to be a friend in a voice that is unmistakably Adam F. Ward.

If there’s anything I wish for in life, it would be that I always have these great friends and that I never take them for granted.

Friendship is rivaled by few things in life. What other force could keep me out until 2 a m, when I have to be up for a 7 a.m. class, than simply being with friends, reminiscing over stories of times from years past? Every moment I spend listening and talking about those times we shared is as valuable as the actual original experience.

These friends helped make me who I am and unknowingly saved my life. Because of this, they are my brothers. Each one, I would die for!

I wonder how often people really take the time to realize how important their friends are. Without them, life would be a lonely, pointless existence. With them, it makes all the difference. In the end, nothing else matters! No job, fame or any amount of money could ever take their place.

I quote Dave Matthews: “What I want is what I’ve not got. But, what I need is all around me.”

This writing, found in Adam’s notebook of writings, speaks of the importance of his friends. We hope Adam understood what a great friend he was to all of us, and how much we loved him for it.  We miss you greatly, friend. 

Please join us in celebrating Adam’s birthday and keeping his memory alive.

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  • such an amazing role model, great coach and life mentor. so happy coach ward was there for the team after old head coach stepped down. adam was so compassionate about his lacrosse squad. between the extra time he invested into us during practice and the setting up of tournaments he always was working on us getting better.
    sports aside, adam was such a big influence with his students. every time i asked someone hey who is your favorite teacher you have? “mr ward” always was first pick. such a good soul, damnit we all miss you Ward!!!

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